Yulia’s arts, poems and photographs represent the interweaving of different worlds: magic, fairy tales, philosophical and scientific views.

“My task is to balance the person, heal the soul, synchronize his feelings with the desired future. Unleash your capabilities. When we are open, trust the world, accept ourselves without doubts and contradictions, we become a whirlpool of life that attracts the necessary events to itself. My photography and poetry is the  alchemy of body, soul and spirit.”

About the author:

Yulia Orinel is a mentor, photographer, researcher of oriental traditions and modern technologies for expanding consciousness, a specialist in psychosomatics. In 2002, Yulia left for Tibet in search of her destiny. She spent seven years in India, where under the mentorship of her master, she studied Raja yoga and the diverse culture of ancient India. Afterward, Yulia’s search for the answers to existential questions brought her to China to the Gulun Kungfu Academy of Oriental Martial Arts. Traveling a lot around the world, she integrated diverse knowledge of ancient traditions and created her own personal development system New Dimension. Now Yulia lives in Monaco. She is a unique person with a special gift to reveal the potential and disclose the talents of every person who comes into her attention.