Yulia is a professional mentor and coach for different people around the world, who aspire to acquire spiritual, physical and social well-being, optimal performance, success, creativity, and overall emotional satisfaction with life. 
Her experience stems from her lifelong research in Oriental traditions and modern technologies of consciousness expansion. 
She has been researching ancient traditions and science for more than 20 years. 

Yulia was born in Russia in a creative family: 
her grandfather was a professional artist, her mother was a poet, her father is a jazz musician. 

From birth, Yulia lived in a creative atmosphere, where knowledge was the main food for the mind for her parents. When Yulia turned 18 she went to work in one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in Paris. But in a successful and vibrant life, there was clearly not enough depth and meaning in life. She returned to Moscow and entered the Faculty of Philology. 
In 2002 Yulia left for Tibet in search of her destiny: she spent seven years in India where (with the guidance her Master Teacher) she studies Raja Yoga and diverse cultures of ancient India. Yulia has achieved mastership of 7 steps of Raja (Kriya) Yoga, and she is one of the few people on this planet to achieve this level of mastership. Yulia’s search for answers to existential questions continued in China, at the Gulun Kungfu Academy of Oriental Martial Arts. While traveling a lot around the world, she integrated knowledge and created her own personal transformation system “New Dimension”. 

She went to Florence to study the art of photography. 
The culture of Italy and the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci inspired her to start painting.
She began to paint her spiritual paintings.

She moved to live on the Cote d’Azur. 

One day one of her clients saw her work, was impressed, and commissioned a painting. So Yulia began to paint pictures that inspire and heal people. 

As the artist she reflects her knowledge in her spiritual paintings: 
magical realism, symbolism and spirituality are clearly expressed in her works.

Yulia has her own unique style that inspires people to realize one simple truth: we are the creators of our reality, we can and have the right to live this life happily and with meaning.